As a WordPress specialist I can lead or assist your team in the development of WordPress plugins and applications using WP's latest and greatest features.


JavaScript is the technology of choice when it comes to building high-performance applications. My focus is on the JavaScript frameworks React and Backbone.


I'm deeply familiar with JavaScript and jQuery. Via modern frameworks like React or Backbone, I'm also able to assist with the production of JavaScript applications.


Just as with JS, I'm deeply familiar with PHP. When it comes to PHP applications, I'm ready to hit the ground running and lead or assist your software development team.

Marc cares greatly about delivering quality. He pays close attention to detail, is flexible, promptly communicates and delivers as promised. I highly recommend working with him, he has been our go-to guy for many years.
Mathias Schewing IO9 Marketing
Marc is an amazing developer and great asset to our team. He works hard on his projects and takes his work seriously always striving to improve the product and the process. While working hard, he also keeps a good balance and brings fun to the team.
JT Mudge LitmusBox


WordPress Plugin

NovaFonts integrates with WP’s customizer and is a JavaScript based application. Technologies include Underscore JS, Backbone JS, jQuery, WP's customize JS API, and WP's REST API.

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WordPress Theme

A WordPress starter theme with baked-in support for SCSS, PostCSS, Autoprefixer, ES2015, BrowserSync and Gulp. With it comes a carefully crafted SCSS library that holds my preferred approach to CSS as well as a unique approach to templating with WordPress.

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I helped build the app behind Partnerly, which involved a lot of AJAX, the WP REST API, the WP Remote API and various other 3rd-party APIs to help provide prosperus partnerships between brands and artists.

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Fast Page Switch

WordPress Plugin

My free WordPress plugin on the wp.org repository. It currently holds over 2000 active installations and a solid 5 star rating. I've been attentive to all support requests and the plugin will continue to work with Gutenberg.

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jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin helps running conditional checks on form fields. It's easy to setup and can handle multiple conditions. This plugin provides a good starting point for showing/hiding DOM elements based on input values.

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RPM Auto Repair


A long term client of mine with whom I frequently do business. As of late, the work has been more content marketing focused. If you ever need a great and trustworthy mechanic, call RPM Auto Reapir.

Freelance Web Developer

Hi! I'm Marc Wiest.

I'm a full-stack/WordPress developer with over 10 years experience. My focus lies on helping brands and agencies develop tools that help their products and services engage and connect with their users.

Over the years I have worked with many front-end and back-end frameworks. My preferred technologies are PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Sass, React, and Backbone. However, nothing is ever set in stone and I'm always happy to adapt to your company's workflow and learn new tricks in the process.

I’ve contracted independently and worked with teams of various sizes. I’m honing my skills on a daily basis and as a passionate programmer, I’m always interested in working out new challenges.

I'm currently residing in Santa Cruz, California and when I'm not working, I usually spend my time hiking in the mountains or relaxing by the ocean with my wife and son.

   I'm currently available for contract work.

Whether you already have a project in mind or are simply interested in finding out more, get in touch and let's get things moving.